Greetings! Doksa! Siyo!

I welcome you to Red Earth Studio and invite you to view my work as a visual artist. It has an Indigenous perspective with the global vision of wholeness, cohesiveness and the respect for the inter-connection of all life and mutual reciprocity. It is a vision I hope to continue and perpetuate. Mitakuye Oyasin means we are all related in the Lakota language.


Nadema Agard

Winyan Luta/Red Woman

Corn Mother

She sows her seed into the heavens.
At the center of her heart
coagulated kernels
of blood,
A life-giving

My Vision of Our Lady of Guadalakota (excerpt)

She stood not on the crescent moon
but on the horns of the buffalo skull,
our great and sacred altar
of the pipe religion of the Lakota.
The angel became
Wanblee the Eagle
With wings spread,
the spirit messenger
and emissary of the Wakan Tanka
Great Spirit.

Corn Mother and My Vision of Our Lady of Guadalakota are from Virgin Rapture: A Compilation of Writings by a Virginphile ©2001. These two poems were inspired by two of my works. One, entitled, The Virgin of Guadalupe is the Corn Mother that is dedicated to Selu, Cherokee Corn Mother and the other entitled, My Vision of Our Lady of Guadalakota dedicated to White Buffalo Calf Maiden of the Lakota.

Ride from Cass Lake
March 14,1994

The fingernail sliver of the moon
followed me over the timber
on the blue velvet night
with splattered stars of day-glo
not far behind.

This poem inspired my work entitled, Great Lakes Yoni and is for Nokomis, the Grandmother Moon of the Ojibwe, a Great Lakes Algonquin nation related to the Powhatan of Virginia.


Nadema Agard

Winyan Luta/Red Woman