My work as an artist has an individual style and a cosmic subject. It has a global agenda from an Indigenous perspective. It is the interconnection of me as woman, mother, native person, spiritual being and warrior. It is inspired by the images and cosmologies from Native American traditions of the Southwest, the Plains, Mesoamerica and the Southeastern and Great Lakes Woodlands. It is also inspired by Pacific Island cosmologies and those of other world cultures.

Sacred feminine iconography and spirituality is the subject matter of much of my work. Our Native peoples have always respected the feminine creative Power and so I continue this tradition with my works as devotional pieces made in reverence to the earth, sky, sun, moon and stars --- all the creative and regenerative forces of the universe. They are also metaphors for the cosmic relationships between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine and the harmonious balance of those powers.


Nadema Agard

Winyan Luta/Red Woman